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Concerned about Legal Compliance?

At Front Edge Sweepstakes, one of our top priorities is to keep our system and our games legally compliant with the laws and regulations of local jurisdictions across the country. As such, our software features Flexible Rule Sets that can be adjusted as necessary.

A perfect example of this is in North Carolina, where the Sweepstakes Industry has undergone some changes to remain compliant with House Bill 80. This Bill states that sweepstakes players must learn whether they are a winner prior to the occurrence of an "entertaining display" or "gaming simulation."

The Front Edge Sweepstakes Internet Cafe Software system, and its games, can easily be switched to a “Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes” mode which makes it compliant with this new regulation.

As new regulations arise, rest assured that our team of software engineers and game designers can adjust the gameplay of our software accordingly, so that you remain in compliance and your store remains in operation. Current offerings include Curtains, Pull Tabs, Pre-reveal, and many more!

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